Saturday, September 11, 2010

Black Male Graduation Rates

Our local Black newspaper, The Shreveport Sun, recently reported some results and conclusions published by The Schott Foundation for Public Education regarding graduation rates for Black males.

For example, it was reported that "...the overall 2007/8 graduation rate for Black males in the U.S. was only 47 percent." By any measure, it is unacceptable for only 47 Black boys out of 100 to graduate from high school.

However, some additional context for this statistic is needed, particularly as it may relate to local performance.

The 47% national rate for black males compares to a 78% national rate for white males for a 31% gap.

The black male rate in Louisiana is reported at 39% compared to white males at 59% for a 20% gap.

And, our own Caddo parish rate for black males is 38% compared to 57% rate for white males for a 19% gap.

Again, all unacceptable.

You may view the entire report on line at:

We appreciate the Sun for bringing this matter to the attention of our community. Clearly we have significant work to do locally to aid our children, and especially black boys not only improve graduation rates, but also to gain an appreciation for high academic achievement.

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