Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Black Academic Achievement (Stopped)

This site has attempted to foster understanding and conversation regarding the challenges that face the black community from an educational perspective.

Although slow to catch fire here, we shall nevertheless continue to voice our concerns and point to good material that helps us better understand our problem.

So it is with a new report from the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The report called The Black-White Achievement Gap (When Progress Stopped) is a must read for any who seek clarity on the issue.

Not all material in nor conclusions reached by any one report should be taken as definitive on almost any subject. However, I like this document and believe it could easily service as a working document for the black community.

Now get ready to read about some painful facts. Such as the unacceptably high births to unwed/uneducated black women; and the consequences to children who find themselves in these fatherless homes.

For example, the report documents some of the consequences as follows:

  • Less academic success
  • Behavioral and psychological problems
  • Substance abuse and contact with the police
  • Sexual relationships at earlier ages
  • Less economic well-being as adults
  • Less physical and psychological well-being as adults

The complete document may be viewed at WWW.ETS.ORG and click on RESEARCH, then select "Progress Has Stalled in Closing the Black-White Achievement Gap."

Look forward to your comments.

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