Characteristics of a Learning Culture

"Families must help their children to the best of their ability, and agree that unacceptable behavior is a family affair. Students must take responsibility for their decisions. Schools cannot do their job unless students get to school on time, attend classes faithfully, work hard, finish their homework, pay attention to their teachers, and honor the rules governing civility and decorum." A. Thernstrom

Obviously, as parents, we must care for our children. We will provide love, support, proper nutrition, clothing, shelter, and health care. This may include seeking available public assistance if family resources can not meet certain external support requirements.

In addition, we provide the necessary foundation and guidance so that our children can do their best academic work.

1. We read to our preschoolers and provide every opportunity possible to stimulate their minds.

2. We provide children with books; teach the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes early.

3. We instill in our children a desire to learn and reinforce the confidence we have in their ability to achieve with the appropriate effort.

4. We expect A's and B's and will not reward mediocre performance.

5. We encourage taking the Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum at a minimum or the TOPS Scholarship Awards curriculum.

6. We place strict limits on the watching of television and other similar activities in favor of more actual study time.

7. We hold our schools accountable for providing rich and rewarding educational experiences for all children. Those feeling uncomfortable dealing with schools directly should seek outside help and coaching.

8. We seek appropriate role models for our children, especially our boys, to help them stay on the correct path.

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