Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knowledge is Critical to Your Future

Today begins a journey for me. An attempt to use the power of computer aided communications to get a message out to African Americans. We live in the greatest nation on the planet.

In this great nation of ours, it is critical for African Americans to recognize the power of knowledge and get on-board before we are truly left behind with little or no hope of catching up.

The whole notion of an education and what it means to be educated must leap to the top of the list of important and urgent issues for African Americans. By focusing on knowledge (education), we get at the root of many of the other plagues (AIDS, Crime, Infant Mortality, Unemployment/Underemployment, Other Economic Disadvantages, etc) that seem to operate with impunity within the African American community.

Our intent is to sidestep raw politics, although you are totally free to express your views, political or otherwise, as you see fit. My point is simply the vision for Learn to Learn is to be a powerful and moving force in the discussion and debate of the real value of knowledge.

The site can also serve as a link to other organizations that contribute to the central thesis of this site.

We must likewise include the views of those who may differ from our main point of view. This is healthy debate. If an idea or position can not withstand assault, it is not worthy of consideration.

So, welcome to this space and let's get started.

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