Saturday, August 27, 2011

ACT Results for 2011

On August 24, 2011 the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) released 2011 ACT results at the district-level. School level results should follow very shortly.

Caddo produced a composite score of 19.8 for 2011 which is unchanged from 2010.

This compares with a State composite score of 20.2 and a National score of 21.1.

The district results include only public school scores, while the State and Nation results include public and nonpublic school scores.

A review of the state summary report provides some additional information of interest.

By race, black National score 17.0 as compared with a State score of 17.5.

White National score is 22.4 as compared with a State score of 21.7.

Asian National score is 23.6 as compared with a State score of 22.3.

In addition, a recent Education Week (EW) article indicates that 2011 saw at least 25% of test takers meet ACT college-readiness benchmarks. This is up slightly from 24% in 2010.

However, it appears there are still problems with significant gaps in performance. The EW article goes on to state that "But troubling gaps persist, something Mr. Erickson said "reflects the inequity of the rigor of the curriculum and of school systems as a whole." Only 4 percent of African-American students met the ACT's college-readiness benchmarks in all four subjects, for instance, compared with 11 percent of Hispanic students, 31 percent of white students, and 41 percent of Asian students."

This site advocates for blacks aiming for a 24 on the ACT. Such a score is associated with higher college completion rates. In addition, if black students would elect the TOPS curriculum, a 24 score(although not required) would earn much needed merit financial aid.

Results will not improve unless and until we first seriously set high expectations for ourselves and then strive to hit the mark.

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