Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vision 2020 Right for Caddo

Dr. Gerald Dawkins has demonstrated significant courage and wisdom in pushing forward with his bold plan for the Caddo school system. This strategy seeks to right size the district and therefore make better use of all district resources.

Better resource deployment means an overall better opportunity for Caddo students to excel.

Change is always hard and significant change is only that much harder. I have long since given up on buildings in favor of people. The right decision is the one that favors people. In this case, the people most important in the calculation are the students themselves.

Calls for more time to study the plan and its implications were without merit. They demonstrated the usual paralyzing fear of the unknown.

As one board member astutely noted, if some elements of the plan are wrong, then admit the error and change it.

Congratulations to Dr. Dawkins for standing on his convictions in the face of an orchestrated community onslaught. Of course it is not over yet. Those who oppose change will  not go away quietly. They never do.

But this important victory is a critical first step of a journey in the right direction. 


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