Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Conversation on Education Picking up Steam

It appears that the national conversation on education and education reform is heating up.

Whether it is about the movie "Waiting for Superman" or the program "Education Nation" our focus is slowly but surely honing in on the area of education.

Of course, there are those with turf to protect who are immediately counter punching and/or circling the wagons. OK, do what you think you must do.

But the rest of us with an interest in this issue, better come up to speed quickly and be ready to jump in the discussion. Believe me the "special interest" folks are all over this one and you could get steamrolled very easily.

Subjects hitting the table are tenure, charters, teacher unions, charters, standardized testing, charters, etc. You get my drift?

There is also talk about the billionaire boys club (Bill Gates and others) seemingly pushing an agenda. Again, heads up to the general public and particularly the black community.

Stay informed and prepare to vigorously engage as this debate continues to unfold.

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