Sunday, January 18, 2009

Data Availability

The state has made a final decision with respect to the low performing schools in the Caddo school district. Two schools, Linear Middle and Linwood Middle with be under state control effective July 1, 2009.

The remaining 8 Caddo schools identified as low performing are to be operated under local control but with tight supervision from the state.

This community should obviously rally around all Caddo schools with the idea of making them all successful.

We may, as a community, be called upon to make some difficult and controversial decisions regarding resource allocation etc., as we move forward. I am therefore creating two links below that will allow for easy access to critical data.

1. The District Composite Report is produced each year and covers all Caddo schools. Extensive information is provided about overall district operations as well as performance information on a school level basis. That link is:

2. The state also issues an annual report on each school. There is a Principal's Report Card and a Parent's Report Card. The following link will bring you to that historical information:

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