Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama and the Achievement Gap

Our nation and the world just witnessed a history making event. With the election of Barack Obama as this nation's 44th president, the first African American to achieve such a goal, America clearly has demonstrated to itself and the world that what seems impossible can be turned around with the right preparation and effort.

So it is with the troubling academic achievement gap that has perplexed so many.

I believe Obama's election, with its accompanying high profile, will serve to inspire underachievers to recognize the fact that their futures are more within their own control than many have previously understood.

There is at last clear and compelling evidence that personal responsibility, hard work and high academic standards can propel anyone to new and previously unimaginable heights.

Parents, you remain the key to creating the right environments within which your impressionable youngsters can succeed. They will model your actions and expectations.

Study this site and others for suggestions and ideas on how to make it happen.

At this point, there simply are no more excuses.

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