Monday, June 9, 2008

Louisiana House Should Pass LA4 Bill

The Louisiana Senate has passed SB286 and it is now in the hands of the House. This bill provides for the implementation of universal early childhood education in this state. Although this bill takes a phased in approach, it does nevertheless clearly point the state in the right direction.

The value of early childhood education and in particular the LA4 program is well documented.

This type of training should be made available to all students in our state without a needs based test. That is the direction we are headed and we concur with this movement.

So please get involved. You can go to and make your voice heard. There you can identify your local representative and send a quick email asking for their support.

Also, you may wish to see today's edition of The Times. Dr. Phillip Rozeman writes an excellent piece on this program

Thank you for your support.

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