Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best Practices 2007- 2008 School Year

"What we do well here is teaching middle-class predominately white children whose parents push them," he said of Caddo Parish's school system. "The thing we don't do well is teaching the kids of color whose parents may be poor or who have other risk factors."

The above quote is taken from a January 29, 2008 editorial from The Times. The central focus of the piece was our local dropout problem. The quote is from Dr. Terry Cash, of the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University in South Carolina.

I have been corresponding with 21 local leaders since January, 2006 regarding the Learn to Learn initiative.

I am now inviting those leaders or other interested parties to post to this entry, as a comment, things they are doing to promote academic excellence and to reduce the unacceptable dropout rates in the black community.

By sharing in this format, we can catalog opportunities for overall community improvement, and achieve a wide distribution. Please post contact information with strategies in the event others may want more details.

Thanks for your participation.

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Avenue Baptist Church said...

Avenue Baptist Church strategies include:
1. Putting the Emphasis on Education via the church Web site. See the link from this site. Click on "Ministries" then click on "Education."
2. Back to school program conducted 08/2007 with guest speakers who had very candid comments and recommendations for students interested in academic success.
3. Learn to Learn brochure distributed during the back to school program.
4. Distribution of basic school supplies during the back to school program.
5. On going celebration of academic excellence with off site activities; pictures of high achievers posted in house.
6. Partnership with local elementary school to tutor 4th grade math. This computer based program uses the Louisiana Pass web site as the basic teaching tool.
7. LDS scholarship program to support members who are graduating seniors.
8. College outreach program to support members who are college students.

Contact Information:
Minister Marcus Ellison, 318-425-4264

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