Thursday, August 16, 2007

2007 Act Results

This site advocates academic competition for black children and the black community overall. We must not be afraid to compete. (THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS HIGH-STAKES TESTING WHICH WE STRONGLY OPPOSE).

2007 ACT results are in and the average Louisiana black child taking the ACT came in at 17.0. That means the average black child could not apply for TOPS money which requires a minimum ACT score of 20. And for the record, I do not believe the cutoff score of 20 is unfair.

Other scoring results were: Asian, 21.7; White,21.4; Other,20.7, Hispanic 20.2; All Students, 20.1 and American Indian, 19.8.

As a community, we need to support efforts to improve ACT results with targeted initiatives. Please use our link to ACT for a complete review of these results to include year over year trends. In addition, note the suggestions for improving scores and support the ones you can for students within your area of influence.

Otherwise, we as a community are leaving scholarship money on the table for no good and valid reason.

What do you think?

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